Georgina and Dan
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Georgina and Dan in the February 13, 2012 episode of Gossip Girl. Looks like she's still around!

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    Why do they all look like they've gone back to high school?


    Dan and Chuck are friends/rivals. I actually liked their messed up friendship. Seeing Chuck as a mentor is actually the only comedy left in this show. Why is Dan so obsessed with Blair all of a sudden? I guess he just likes women he can't have. Now that Serena wants him, he wants Blair. I'm neither a Chair nor Dair but Dan should know that the key to a girl's heart isn't playing babysitter when she makes huge mistakes. And I wonder what they are looking at, even Georgina looks surprised.


    ahah Chair's fans reactions when Dair is going to end up together at the end....oh that feeling is going to be sooo good


    GTFO of chuck's room dan GOD HE SUCKS


    @kellyf haha that's great, you can have dan! That's your opinion though. I think dan is the worst.


    Uniforms are back?


    @Rosie How could it be a flash back? Dan didn't know Georgina when she went to Constance. Otherwise she never would have been able to pull off being "Sarah" in season 1.


    @Elise of the Upper East Side GTFO.
    Dan's fucking amazing.


    ya why are they all in their school uniforms?! I love/miss them, but since they're in college, isn't that weird?? also, why is dan in Chuck's apartment?? GTFO dan. ew


    sorry my bad, *latter XD