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Friends Again
In this picture from "Here Comes the Flood," from the fifth season of Grey's Anatomy, it looks like Izzie and George are back to being good friends again. That is probably for the best!

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I never found Alex attractive at all. George is a lot more attractive to me, and Gizzie was by far the best couple on the show. So no it isn't best they broke up. If they hadn't, George would still have a story and he wouldn't be dead and the best couple ever would still be together.


I wasn't a George fan. But I'de take him so over Karev's. Have you ever really taken a good look at him? The boy is ugly and he always looks like he is trying to take a dump everytime he crys and his acting really isn't all that. But then again I can't say anything about that. He does make millions and all I do is sat here and pass judgement. I know, shame on me.


Gizzie forever. Alex and Izzie suck, and Alex doesn't love her. He treats her like crap. I hope that when Katie leaves, they kill Izzie off so she and George are reunited in heaven.


Thank God Gizzie died and will never comeback ever again now that Izzie has found true love with the man that has always loved her - Alex. LOL @ Gizzie fanatics getting their panties in a twist because someone has an opinion that differs from their own. Grow up.


I love Gizzie. I miss them as a couple.


Boo to your anti-Gizzie comments. They were amazing.


Gizzie is the best couple. It is NOT for the best they ended. Could you show some consideration for the Gizzie fans? Haven't we been through enough?


Probably for the best? Are you kidding me? So Izzie can move on to an abusive, sick, pukestastic relationship with Alex, the man who abuses her. God forbid she be with a man she loves and who loves her like George. Maybe you could keep your comments to yourself if you are going to say stupid things. The Gizzie fans might not yell as loud or spam as hard, but we are there, and there is a lot of us. I am getting tired of being the whipping fanbase for every loser critic.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Eat the muffin, Mer. Taste the muffin. Remember. The muffin.


Cristina: There's no way that guy has been living at an 8. He's a wimp. His 8? My 3. I can take pain.
Meredith: You can't talk to my boyfriend for 10 minutes.
Cristina: Well there's pain and then there's torture.

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