Vanessa Abrams brings somebody special some flowers in a photo from "The Magnificent Archibalds." Will she do something interesting for a change of pace?

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i think the flowers are for dan, because, that is definitely dan's front door!


i think the flowers are to dan who's got is article in the paper or something


the outfit is ok but her hair is a hot mess, as usual..


well the arm in the foto matches Rufus's arm (look at the brown sweater hes wearing in the "no reception?" picture-- its the same color as the one in this pic soo shes prob gonna be over the humpreys for thanksgiving.


much as I dislike her, I do have to say that she looks really cute. :] wonder who the flowers are for?

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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Rufus: I miss her a lot.
Dan: You know, in all the arguments you two have had, I haven't once heard you tell her that.
Rufus: Oh my God, you're right.
Dan: That's not ... that rare is it?

Dan: You okay with it? Jenny not being with us tonight?
Rufus: If by okay you mean extraordinarily depressed, then yes.