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Meredith Grey's surgical skills will be put to the test like never before in the Season 6 finale of Grey's Anatomy. We can't wait.

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    and just BTW...all u people who are saying they can't operate on there friends and family, TRUE...BUT...theres pose to be a shooter running around the hospital shooting ppl, do u really think the rules r going to really come in affect here? If u were a surgeon and there was sum1 shooting everyone would u let u friend or husband die in front of u bc of rules? Dont think so...they really r going to hsve NO choice duhh


    Wow, so picture is obvious...Derek DID get shot and Meredith's baby did die along w/ alot of other people...but her baby i don't think died yet in this picture but Derek had been shot and by the looks behind her and whats on her head shes in an O.R. DUUUUH, soooo im guessing Derek was getting surgery and there was a complication hmmm


    Alex gets shot and she won't be able to operate on him 'cause they are right now like brothers, Alex is like Meredith in the broken not happy state she was before all the marring Derek happiness. If the show had to be renamed after the broken, damaged people it sure be named Karev's Anatomy!!


    mabey she is just all hormonal and crying


    ok technically they are married and even if they didn't have the post-it note wedding the people of the hospital(more specifiacally richard) would not let her operate on him


    Maybe it's simply derek who tell her that she can't operate Alex :s


    join here
    we can't let them take Alex away


    Legally, she not the wife of Derek, I don't think the post-it matters in here..


    she wouldnt operate on derek, she can't...shes married to him...she is probably crying because they are having to operate on mercy westers and people she knows


    This Picture Scares Me!!! I want Thursday to come NOW!!!