Father of the Bride
Sam walks Maya down the aisle in the February 18, 2010 episode of Private Practice. Looks like a shotgun wedding for her and Dink.

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well, I think it's good Maya (thinks, believes)she is ready to get married
-on one hand, I think she's right - if she's ready or mature enough to be having sex at 15, she's ready to be a parent
-and why is it so impossible to think a 15year old and a (admirably) responsible 17(or ?)year old could make it? I say Maya was raised by her parents and even though they haven't exactly had a fairytale ending, they have great values alltogether - so.. what I'm saying, I think it's good for them to get married, why not? they obviously love eachother, whatever love is anyway:) at least they care about eachother, love can come later:)


Oh my...and she's only 15. So young to get married.


Whaaaaaaat! That is so wrong. SO wrong :S

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