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Faced With a Crisis
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Meredith must face a new medical crisis on Grey's Anatomy February 24. This time it involves herself.

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    first thing i need to say is that merediths hair looks BEUTIFUL!!!!!! second derek is looken pretty sexie i like him clean shaven it brings out his eyes! third i love this topic about mer losing her eyesite i feel like she deserves a big topic and i hope they reallly dont have bolth ellie and patties contract end in season 8 ( wait does that mean they do season 8 up to the finaly then they dont do season 9 ) anyway i luvv this is house plans shondah did say she is working on getting the house in the woods fixed. CAN I JUST SAY HAVE YOU ALL NOTICED THEIR HAVENT BEEN ANY SHOOTS IN THE TRAILER OR EVEN IN THE WOODS THAT MEANS THEIR BULIDING THE SET OUT THEIR!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)


    my oh my, derek looks particularly good looking!


    Yea, on closer inspection, I say over couple are looking at floor plans of their new house.


    omg, derek is handsome


    why does mer have eye prolems?
    i wish should she could be better but i have an eye prolem but i got though it mabe she can?
    thank god mer will be okey after she goes blide


    Hope the eyesight problem is only temporary and a delayed symptom of PTSD whic can be treated.Mer has had enough problems.


    Are we ever gonna see this house in the woods???
    Gosh & I thought I was a procrastinator, lol!


    Looking forward for this episode! Looks like house plans :) They look so good!!