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Evil Eye from Faye
Faye gives Cassie the evil eye in this Secret Circle scene. The two don't exactly always get alone.

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I agree Cassie's hair is lighter,curlier and longer! and i think Dawn is bustier than Cassie!


I agree, I think it's Dawn as well. Quite busty for Cassie. ;) I love the placement of Faye in this shot, with the illusion of a crown surrounding her head, quite interesting.

Allison berry barbieri

I think that's Dawn, not Cassie...Cassie isn't that tall...


Faye looks eerily like Minka Kelly in this picture.

Photo Credit:
Marcel Williams/The CW
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The Secret Circle Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

We have to get our powers back and help the circle and there is only one person who can make that happen.


The six of us together couldn't stop Samuel and he only had one demon in him, Eben has six!