Emotionally Distant - The Resident Season 1 Episode 6
Conrad and Marshall aren't just emotionally distant from one another. They're physically distant in this photo. Conrad is not interested in his father's return, but Marshall is hoping to appeal to him and possibly get Conrad to run a hospital that Marshall wants to buy. This is a recipe for disaster.

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The Resident
The Resident Season 1 Episode 6: "No Matter the Cost"
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The Resident Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Winthrop: You look well. Atlanta suits you.
Conrad: Why are you here, Dad?
Winthrop: I'm looking for worthwhile investment opportunities.
Conrad: It's been over a decade since we last spoke, and you suddenly show up. What's the real reason?
Winthrop: You were always suspicious.
Conrad: And you were always a narcissist.

Irving: What happened to him?
Mina: I did.