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Ellen Pompeo and Fans
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Ellen Pompeo (and what looks like Patrick Dempsey) greet a pair of fans on the Grey's Anatomy set. She's awesome!

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    just wondering,, do people get to come in and watch them do the show?!? or what??that might sound like a stupid question to some of you,, but seriously?!?
    love always Syd


    I hope thats not Patrick.. i really think its a bad picture. >.


    I think that ís him. He indeed got a haircut, which apparently makes his nose look bigger. Lol.


    I don't think that's him either. That dude's hips are to small and nose is too big.


    Then why is that smudge so conveniently located around his head? Plus... I think he's a bit shorter, or at least looks like it on camera. He does have that stance though... I don't know


    Um, yeah that is him. I remember seeing in photos, he got a hair cut not long after the finale was shown. I personally don't like the haircut, but you know, what ever.


    uh..i'm pretty sure thats him dude, he looks like he got a haircut!!! looking fine my man, looking FINE! =)


    I REALLY DON'T THINK THAT IS PATRICK. The body and the shape of the face and hair. are no way like Patrick's. Trust me on this one.
    I could spot patrick from as far away as the moon and this is not him. Seriously!!!


    what an awful glare...