Ella on the Case - Lucifer Season 1 Episode 17
Ella adds lots of laughs to Lucifer. What insights will she add to the case this time around?

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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 17: "Sympathy for the Goddess"
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Lucifer Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Dan: I'm not having sex with you here.
Charlotte: I need something to pass the time until we get a lead.
Dan: I don't understand you. Or whatever this is between us.
Charlotte: Well, it's simple Daniel Espinoza. I like you.

Dan: I went through a lot this last year. Improv sort of helped me reorientate myself.
Amenadiel: How?
Dan: Well, it took me stepping outside of myself to figure out who I really was. To stop defining myself by other people.