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Elena with Damon
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Many Vampire Diaries fans think one thing would make this Elena and Damon scene even better: a kiss.

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    first of all hugachaka, Elena can do whatever the hell she wants to because her and stefan ARE NOT DATING!!! and Stefan cant even control his thirst for human blood you really think that he wont be the first one to hook up with Kat in this episode? Stefan CAN NOT control himself, wiht anything.Damon really loves her and thats why he said so and took the memory away, so he wouldnt be being selfish. Elena can say or wirte or whatevr that she HATES Damon alllll she wants too, but you know what! Stefan said and wrote that HE HATED KATHERINE!!! And who, I ask you does he have sex with in this episode?
    lol:) Its just common sense:)


    Why are they all being such hoes?
    Stefan and Katherine, Damon and Elena, Jeremy and Bonnie, (Caroline and Tyler???).
    You can't predict much in this season.
    Lawd XD


    can't wait 4 this scene!! hope they will bring it ON!!


    Gosh, I missed this eye sex between the both. But no one can hook up to Damon. Never. Not even Elena.


    There's no point even arguing over who she should be with. The picture says it all *HANDS DOWN*


    If she kisses him i will hate elena and damon forever and ever, and when stefan finds out what they've been up to i'm probably going to cry and hope that stefan hooks up with kat and rub it in elenas face!


    yeyyyy !kiss her for gods sake damon !! ypus two belong together ;D xxx


    kisskisskisskisskiss!!!please you good togehter fforget stefan he's going to be ok


    noooo!!! dont kiss elena please ur meant to be with stefan not freakin damon!!