Drew Carey on Family Guy
Drew Carey shows up on this episode of Family Guy. As you can see, he plays himself.

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Family Guy
Family Guy Season 9 Episode 8: "New Kidney in Town"
Peter Griffin
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Family Guy Season 9 Episode 8 Quotes

Peter: I'm making my own Red Bull! Lois can't stop me from experiencing the manic highs and lows my body demands.
Brian: Whoa, whoa you're adding kerosene? That's insane! That'll destroy your body, Peter!
Peter: Kerosene is fuel, Brian. Red Bull is fuel. Kerosene is Red Bull...
Brian: That drink will kill you, Peter.
Peter: Whatever kills me will make me stronger.

Meg: I bet you don't even know what [Obama's] first name is!
Chris: I don't know... Mike?