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Dr. Arizona Robbins
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Dr. Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) in a photo from "Beat Your Heart Out," from the fifth season of Grey's Anatomy.

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    she is very very attractive person...her and torrez...o boy they are the 2 reason i watch this them!


    Hiya dimples. lol i missed u too. Sorry been so long been really busy. Im sorry to hear u have had a rough time recently, hope mother nature didnt do too much damage? Hope your feeling better now and well recovered.? Hope to catch u soon u can tell me about the new series :-) till then, take care xx


    OMG!!! I can't believe you posted. I have been missing you forever. I didn't know what happen to you. I have been going through a really rough time. In september mother nature come and didn't leave for a month and I almost end up in the hospital. In October I got newmonia


    hey dimples, long time no speak, been really busy plus my laptop been broke, so havent been able to get onto the internet. Hope u ok and things sorted with your apartment now. Ive completely missed the new series im devastated lol You gunna have to fill me wen when your next online


    Wow it has been 2 months and 13 days since I heard from you Lou. I hope all is well with ya. And I hear from you soon.


    Wow I haven't heard from you in awhile. I hope your doing OK!!! Did you get to see the premiere? It was pretty good. I had to wait till friday to watch it at since I don't have and antenna or cable. I have my tv hooked to a sattlelite that someone left behind when they moved from this apartment. But it rained last thursday and the whole show but about 20 minutes was scrambled. I about had a stroke waiting till friday. LOL!!!


    Just so glad to hear from you. I don't do the showdown. I just manage to do things that they never see coming and they don't have a clue where it come from. LOL!!! I think they call that dirty revenge. LOL!!! Oh yeah I've done the so kind thing. Kinda makes me sick to my stomach. That I'de be used cause I don't wanna end up getting hurt. I must get out of here. I slept with a butcher knife under my mattress last night. I hate this uneasy feeling I get all the time living next to these two ass holes. I can't hardly wait to get moved away from here. But then again I hate to move cause I've lived in the neighborhood for 17 yrs. Talking about withdraws from Grey's? OMG!!!! Yes I"m counting down the days. LOL!!! I can't hardly wait. It is bad to be so hung up on a tv show that you spend alot of time thinking about it. LOL!!! I hope we get to see the whole season without any writters strikes or anything. I'm crossing my fingers that everything goes off easy. I think I"m going to get ready and go to bed early. I am really tired. I think the stress has finally took its toll on me. Good night Lou....Until next time. Becareful!!!!!!!!!!!


    hi dimples, sorry took so long to reply work been really busy lately. hope u ok? Bless the kids i wouldnt leave them either god nos wat mite happen!! poor things. R u being so nice it makes u feel physically sick, ive had to do that once or twice its soooo frustrating!!! U GO dimples way to show them i cud do with watching a gud old showdown really stressed at the min! Wat r u like, r the withdrawls that bad sometimes? lol


    No it is best that I stay here with the children, cause there is still 5 outside and I'de not wanna leave them here without me. There is no telling what they might do. I am being really really nice until I get moved and then they can screw there selfs. I hate trouble. But I'm not one to be messed with. I can cause alot of trouble if pushed. And these dumb rednecks won't even see it coming. Or know where it come from. LOL!!! The first thing I got to see about in the new apartment is if it has and antenna so I can get abc. Tonight is a rerun. Grrrrr!!!! The new shows are never going to get here. LOL!!! I guess I should be thankful for the reruns. I still get to see Callie. LOL!!!


    Try fresh orange it goes down a treat!!! lol, god it sounds like youve had a real rough couple of months and need to get out of there fast!!Didnt your rent man tell you about these people before you moved in?
    Some people thrieve on causing s**t like that and if they drug addicts how can they talk and report anybody. Havent you got anywhere safer to stay in the mean time, maybe a friends till you get your new place on 1st? Life without the internet, god it would be like going back to the stone ages lets hope its a better place than you in now!?! I no what you mean though watching it on the internet is nowhere near as a effect as tv and yes im including the vodka and cigs part!! x