Dearest Daniel
Dan is at the center of a major plot line in the second half of this Gossip Girl season. But will it end with a kiss from Blair?

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Looks like he and Blair are having a serious conversation here. Maybe Blair somewhat rejected him and is trying to talk about it? I don't know. I love Dair. Please, I love Daaaair.


I love dan and blair to be together, but i guess it will be good if they keep it slow..


he's so hot


I can't believe people think they have no chemistry. To me, he looks so entranced by Blair!

Snow not so white

"But will it end with a kiss from Blair?" - I truly hope NOT


It's Blair alright but it might as well be a monotone lit professor for how interested he looks. Sorry Dair lovers but Leighton and Penn just don't have sexual tension to make a truly hot GG couple. Love them as friends.


Yeah that's def Blair


Is it Blair next to him in the pic?

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Rufus: We'll get through this.
Lily: You sound so sure I almost believe you.
Lawyer: They're ready for us.
Rufus: I'll be waiting.
Lawyer: Lily, this is Assistant District Attorney Vincent. He's going to be taking your statement.
ADA: Whenever you're ready, Mrs. Humphrey.

You didn't. (Pause) You did.