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Dawson & Severide
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Dawson and Severide help an injured man on Chicago Fire. "It Ain't Easy" is the ninth episode of the show's first season.


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    Jeff Clarke - Chicago Fire

    When Clarke first arrived at 51 we smelled a rat. Being wrong felt very right. Instead he proved a loyal friend and firefighter, gracefully removing himself so he didn't steal Hermann's thunder with his promotion to Lieutenant. "McLeod asked me to report on House 51." -- Clarke

    The Aftermath

    After a blaze at a boarding school, Severide begins to question himself on the season finale of Chicago Fire.

    Retaking the Exam

    Shay prepares to retake the exam on Chicago Fire. "One More Shot" is the 21st episode of the show's second season.

    A Major Explosion

    A major explosion takes place during a charity run on Chicago Fire. "A Dark Day" is the 20th episode of the show's second season.

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    I like this site...I never thought i would see a show about FF's that would or could be realistic with this type of job but this show is as close as it gets. Emergency 51 was a great show for it's time but the REALISM IS SO GOOD ON CHICAGO FIRE. I hope some of their shows in the winter months with snow being part of the theam. Remember it is Chicago with lots of cold and snow. Some background; I am a retired fire chief/paramedic and so for I love the way the show shows the way it really is aroun a fire hal with all the practical jokers, serious people, and just about any type you can think of works as one great big family. Now for the bad part at least in my part of the world. The social agendia they are trying to protray not even close to reality, especially the part concerning homosexuality. At least 80% or maybe even a higher percentage of the FF's I know are BORN AGAIN CHRISTAINS. THANKS FOR LISTENING,
    Fire Chief, Gerald Flanagan "Old Goat, "my Indian name at the Fire Department"