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Damon and Elena on The Vampire Diaries Season 2 finale. Wow. This is going to be epic.

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    I haven't watched that episode yet, I've just started watching the show two days ago. To tell you the truth, I don't like Delena that much. Elena has always been in love with Stefan, from the very beginning. I don't think she matches with Damon. Love the show though. I hope no - one dies, or turns into a vampire. I like it now, just the way it is (season 1 episode 16 - that's where I am right now)


    j naime pas cette relation entre matt et caroline,elee né pa tré interessant,au contrer elle é tré eficace entre ele é l lou garou


    OMG DAMON JUST KISS HER ALREADY,you belong together xox


    @VD_adix Elena didn't came back as a vampire because of the spell Bonnie made on John and yes, he died because he sacrificed himself for Elena.


    I love the previous episode.. of course sad too coz jenna died.. :( but can somebody tell me if elena came back as a vampire or John died because he sacrificed himself?


    Wow Wow......What a great episode last night,Just get,s better and better.I cried,O.M.G.Ater the last episode,I will go crazy waiting for seaon three,,,,Best show on tv......


    in the books it happen, during the transition period of elena as a vampire, which is she's confused...


    :D *grins madly* when elena figures out she loves damon and doesnt hate him then i will jump for joy. if..WHEN they kiss i will do something i havent figured out yet


    @ysiad The writers confirmed it's Elena


    @Rosie I love your idea!!