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Concerns are growing for Dale. This is a photo of him from the episode "Judge, Jury, Executioner."

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No, you don't need to purchase the nerite insert although if you are interested in doing that you could ask Dale. You choose what coupons you want off the list and request the quantities you need.Yes, these coupons are often times cents off 1 and are from the south so they are better than what I get in the north. What I like about Dale is that he doesn't price gouge which is why this is the only clipping service I currently use. While some services charge .10 to .25 for super hot coupons, Dale charges less. .07 to .08 is an example of what I've paid for hot coupons when others were charging .10 to .15 each. When you are buying multiples the savings really adds up. This is not to say he couldn't charge more if he had something amazing. Like if there was a free product coupon in the paper that netted you a 5.00 free product, he would be justified in charging at least 10 percent of the face value for the coupon.Hope that answers your questions. If I missed anything, comment under here.


RIP Dale, you will be truly missed. After watching Season 1 then getting all the way to the episode "Judge, Jury, Executioner" I was very disappointed that he was killed. I liked Dale from the get-go but I was beginning to really get used to his character on the show since he was the main one who still wanted to be civilized and humane. Now dont get me wrong (i'm a Christian Republican), I believe that they have to do what it takes to survive, but Dale was the softer side of the group, and I liked that for a change. Jeffrey DeMunn is a truly amazing actor and he will be truly missed on the show!

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