College Party!
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Vanessa and Scott at what appears to be a college party in "The Freshman." We are looking forward to this episode!

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    Look at Scott, he looks weird, like a stalker, maybe he is in love with Dan, LOL


    Well, she does look a bit like Emma Watson, doesn't she, I mean, from the side. I read Emma Watson really likes the show, apparently. Though it probably isn't her, just someone who looks like her.


    Uh, anne st, I think Dina was kidding. Like, "Did anyone notice Emma Watson standing next to the guy in the yellow necklace?" aka, 'wow that girl next to the guy in the yellow necklace looks like Emma Watson'... Grow a brain cell please.


    that girl is so not Emma Watson. Emma Watson has better things to do then guest star on gossip girl as an extra. i don't even know why you brought that up.


    Did anyone notice Emma Watson standing next to the guy in the yellow necklace?


    uurgh... seriously C&B33 your opinion sucks. V looks goood mm..hmm


    Another immatur! Lol!


    oh my god "chuckandblair33" grow up ! seriously ... anyway i love vanessa/jessica szohr shes gorgious, radiant, down to earth, amazingggg !!! keep up the good work u r my favourite character on gossip girl ....god id love to meet u so much ^_^


    Wonder what they're all watching...?


    You're by far the most immature fan of Chuck and Blair I've ever met.