Chuck With Georgina Pic
Georgina and Chuck in "Crazy Cupid Love." What do you think she's showing him right there?

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    Is anyone else noticing THE SCARF(!), I have been missing that thing so much!


    I know Georgina is clever but you'd think Chuck would have better security but hey, if they didn't have reasonable security at a royal wedding they wont have it a hotel.

    GG, you're plotholes are like craters now!


    Dair is going to win at the end of this season


    Oh I love Georgina and Chuck scenes. More please!! It would be awesome if they hooked up.


    yeahhhhh i love GEORGINA SPARKS !!!
    thanks josh and stephanie !!
    we all love GEORGINA!!
    make her as regular character !!! destroying other New Villains helping UES!!!
    hope she will be until the finale season 5 because she always showed up in the every season FINALE!
    xoxo gossip georgina


    Georgina is, as I see t, GG's most epic character. Coming a close second, Blair, of course.


    Who throws a party to relive highschool?

    Oh, wait. That's because this show stopped being good after they left.

    Chuck needs to stop trusting Georgina, he more than anyone knows how crazy she is


    dan and blair its a picture of them i cant omfg siofhaoshd


    that's a photo of Dan and Blair obviously! HOTTEST GUY ALIVE ED WESTWICK


    Yeah, the signature scarf is back!!
    But I guess Georgina is showing Chuck a dair's no wonder that Chuck looks miserable. Poor Chuck! And poor us chair shippers:-(

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