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Chuck Waits
For what? We don't know. But Chuck Bass is always up to something and in "New Haven Can Wait," from the second season of Gossip Girl, he's surely plotting one thing or another.

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umm for starters those pants are not red... they're like a sunset/burnt orange... and to the person who said they are tacky, chuck would never wear something tacky



Avatar too..miss the season 1 chuck bass..he really HOT there....


The only man who could ever look sexy in tacky red pants and a plaid coat.


Ed is just plain hot! He plays Chuck so well that we are all diggin' him! What I would give to see that look Chuck gives...and hear him say something smartass (a la Georgina Sparks epidsodes!)...and of course, something sweet like when he and Blair have their private time! LM is one lucky girl to have those little love scenes! MMMMMM.... lol When Chuck is sarcastic he is just so funny!!!!


Chuck is my favorite character in gossip girl, but i kinda liked how he looked in season 1 better, like his hair cut and the awsome boots he wore, i dont really like how he dresses now ,,,,,haha dont kill me, im just saying i miss season 1 chuck hahah!!!


that looks like a cheap hat.. look at the interior lining!


love him !!! XD


Chair 4ever!!!!

Char4 edwestwick

chuccckkk isss outstandingly u

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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

I swear to God I will take you down.


Chuck Bass, we've been waiting for you.

Yale Guy