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Chuck Glares at Blair
In this nice picture from "Summer Kind of Wonderful," the second season premiere of Gossip Girl, Chuck Bass glares as Blair Waldorf chats with a new man. This will not end well.

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I can't help it, Chuck is just one of those guys where you're like, I shouldn't but I want to soooo bad, he's gorgeous, rich, total devil-may-screw attitude and, we know that Ed Westwick is actually British, like really, do I need more justification for why Blair should ditch Lordy Boy and go for him, or better yet, give him to me....


Awww He Looks Soo HOT !
What a CUTIE PIE !


Chuck is such a villain. look at him. but u know he's such a sexy villain
poor Blair!!!

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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Serena: Blair will never forgive you for what you did to her.
Chuck: Who told you that little piece of advice, your boyfriend Nate?
Serena: Nate didn't say anything ...
Chuck: Good. I don't think it's wise taking relationship advice from someone in a FAKE relationship. Call me crazy. (pause) Enjoy another night alone with your thoughts.
Serena: Good luck on your suicide mission!

Serena: I still miss Dan sometimes... more than sometimes.
Blair: The only thing lamer than dating Dan Humphrey... is mourning Dan Humphrey.