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Charlie, Chelsea and Gail
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Poor Charlie finds himself with two gorgeous women, Chelsea (Jennifer Taylor) and Gail (Tricia Helfer) in their night gowns in this upcoming episode.

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Two and a Half Men Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Alan [about Gail]: I felt a little spark between us
Charlie: If there was a spark it's because she was warming up her taser

Jake: Do either of you guys urinate with abnormal frequency?
Alan and Charlie: No.
Charlie: I mean, you gotta define abnormal
Alan: Keep in mind the body doesn't process alcohol efficiently, which is why your Uncle Charlie is a perpetual urine machine
Charlie: Also keep in mind your father has the bladder control of a frightened nine year old girl, which is why he needs to wear two pairs of undies and a panty liner
Alan: Only on long drives

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