Dink and Maya had sex. She got pregnant. Now he is marrying her at least. Way to man up Dink!
Maya and Sam in the February 18, 2010, episode of Private Practice. His little girl is walking down the aisle. Can he keep it together?
Sam and Naomi don't have the strongest relationship between themselves. How are they supposed to reconcile Maya's decision?
Maya gets smacked by Naomi in "Best Laid Plans." What a terrible moment.
Sam (Taye Diggs) in the Private Practice installment of the January 2010 crossover with Grey's Anatomy. Sam is kind of the man!
Cooper Friedman, Sam Bennett and Addison Montgomery in "Another Second Chance." We can't wait for the return of Private Practice!
Sam and Naomi in the Private Practice installment of the January 2010 crossover with Grey's Anatomy. What will the episode entail for these two?
Sam and Addison talk things over. The two work well together and have great chemistry - romantic or not.

Private Practice Quotes

[as we see Sam having a heart-to-heart with his little dog] Her ex-husband, Sam, is an internist. You wish you had his people skills.


Charlotte: My mom always says God doesn't give with both hands. You're young, beautiful, brilliant. There has to be something you can't have.
Amelia: Some days I'd give that all up.
Charlotte: That's just the craving talking. The longer you go without a drink...
Amelia: I drank at your wedding. I thought it was ginger ale. I spit it out.
Charlotte: OK, since then?
Amelia: Nothing, but I can't stop thinking about it.
Charlotte: It was an accident. Don't let a slip turn into a fall. Get your butt to a meeting.

Private Practice Music

  Song Artist
Song Lost The Mary Onettes
Down in the valley Down In The Valley The Broken West iTunes
Song Message From Yuz The Switches