Chair Shot
Chuck and Blair in "Rufus Getting Married." Maybe one day Chuck and Blair will get married themselves. Just wishful thinking.

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susch a power couple


Why is blair's new thing shoulder length hair and puke colored dresses?


i love it when they match))


perfeect. haha.
and blair's dress is BEEAUTIFUL! and chuck just looks amazing as always.


love them together!


They're the perfect couple. So glam, so chic, so sophisticated...
Me and my bf we're Blair and Chuck according to the Facebook GG personality tests ;))


Yes, they're the perfect couple...So glam, so chic, so hot, so sophisticated...
Me and my bf are Blair and Chuck according the Facebook GG personality tests ;))


I adore how their outfits always match. I can just imagine Blair buying Chuck's tie when she went out to buy her dress... or better yet, Chuck finding the perfect dress to complement his own outfit. Their poses are great too, they totally look like they're plotting and are on the look out.

Michelle is chair ftw

oh my gosh, i bet they talk about them getting married. that would rock my world


So cute. They are color coordinated. I appreciated the dress more when paired with Chuck's attire.

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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Chuck: Look, I love you, but just because Nate liking Bree doesn't make her a piranha. And Serena liking Carter doesn't make him a prince.
Blair: Where are you going? I have tension!

Chuck: Look ... I may loathe the guy, but he didn't have to own up to anything. I bought him a ticket out of town. He risked a lot, knowing Bree would be there. He must really care about you.
Serena: The girl he proposed to was a Buckley.