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Chuck and Blair in "Reversals of Fortune." What do you think this season will hold for these Gossip Girl characters?

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blair's shoes are hideous! they don't even match her outfit :(


i love chuck!!!nad blairs shoes....hehehe...can't wait for season 3!!!!!


Love her shoes! :D


look at ed's feet. lmao


Agree!! But I still think that sometimes C&B coul have been dressed up not so preppy-old style like The Great Gatsby...
I mean that NewYorkers,even the richest kids wouldn't wear such things,uh?!
As for the OC, I think that their style was more true to real world..if I were in the people behind GG, would prefer a lesser striking look,bye*


I love Blairs shoes!


I can't get enough of this perfection. Chair's hotness is beyond my expectations for season 3!


chair's matching outfits :D

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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Gossip Girl: Spotted: Chuck Bass, up to his old tricks.

Welcome back Upper East Siders. After a long hot summer away, I see it didn't take you long to dirty up the clean slates I gave you. My inbox is overflowing, so let's get to the good stuff, shall we?

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