Can Marlize Keep Her Poker Face - The Flash Season 4 Episode 10
Can Marlize keep her poker face during this trial against Barry Allen as she knows that her husband isn't really dead?

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Katie Yu/The CW
The Flash
The Flash Season 4 Episode 10: "The Trial of The Flash"
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The Flash Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

Cisco: Oh, damn. We need to cool him down.
Harry: Killer Frost.
Caitlin: Great.
Cisco: Well, go, turn!
Caitlin: Well, that's not how it works. I can't just snap my finger and make her appear. It only happens with I'm scared or angry.
Cisco, Harry: Oh, good Lord, Caitlin.
Cisco: The city's about to explode. Everyone, everything you know and love, the birds, the trees, the fish, the puppies! The puppies are going down because you didn't want to...
Cisco, Harry: Show up for work!

Harry: Guys, if this meta can cause these levels of radiation in these patients, that means this meta has a similar makeup to a nuclear bomb.
Cisco: So, like, enough to blow us all up? What are we talking here?
Caitlin: The fallout from a nuclear explosion could be catastrophic.
Harry: Exactly.
Cisco: Fallout.
Harry: Great name.
Cisco: Terrible power.