Mark, Callie and Arizona are all going to be a happy family. Well, we hope. That would be sort of awesome.

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This pictures are killing me! february 3! T__T
@GREYZFANATIC i hope so too


@Callie Rocks!! If only the writers would listen to you . SMH .


callie rocks! I agree with you


Yes, I'd love to see all of it just like you've said.If it's not gonna be the same it's a shame 'coz I like the way your story is going :)


here's what i think...i think that callie would decide to forgive arizona but only be friends with her.. and they would be living together but only as friends. arizona would be "fine" with it to an extent.. she will put on a brave face but we would see where she breaks down in tears,,, this is where the OB doc comes in.. the OB doc would be all flirty with arizona and callie would be jealous but wouldnt say anything. the OB doc and Arizona would be good friends but only friends but callie wouldnt see it that way.. and in turn she would realise that she needs arizona in her life and she would forgive her.... as for the baby situation, i think lexxie would be ok at first.. she prob would need time but i think shes grown now and i think it would be ok.. callie and arizona would eventually be together again and mark and lexie would still be together, and the baby would be fine

Honey tats

@GREYZFANATIC I hope it's a "no arizona don't go" too.


i hope this is a "no arizona dont go" and not a "get your hand off my shoulder" scene


True, if one islucky enough to have friends like Mark & partners for life like Az/Callie.




Personally I'm getting tired that Callie & Mark do whatever they want & Lexie & Az aren't allowed to do anything, it's just too one sided.Having said that, the baby is already in the picture would be cruel not to follow it through now. I think CallAz & Mexie will pull it off, they better, love both of these couples. Also, can Cristina have a normal & good looking boyfriend just for once please ?

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Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 13 Quotes

Doctors practice deception every day — on our patients, on their families. But the worst deception we practice is on ourselves. Which is why sometimes it takes us a while to realize that the truth has been in front of us the whole time.


How the hell did you get me in this position twice?!