Bruce Fights Back - Titans Season 2 Episode 11
Bruce is in trouble when he goes toe-to-toe with Dick.

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Titans Season 2 Episode 11: "E.L._.O."
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Titans Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Child: You've been in there for an hour. You look rough.
Kory: Thanks.
Child: Get your life right, lady.

Bruce: You need to rest. Build up your strength for the escape.
Dick: No escapes for me.
Bruce: Deathstroke has taken hostages. And here you are.
Dick: We have a truce. He's not touching anybody.
Bruce: No one you can see. At Adeline's, Slade was there, you were there, and yet no killing. Why?
Dick: He was unarmed.
Bruce: And?
Dick: And I was in Adeline's house.
Bruce: Maybe you didn't want to. Maybe there's something inside Slade that you need.
Dick: Yeah, his tiny tin heart got to me.
Bruce: You both loved Jericho, and you both got him killed. A common bond of self-loathing. As long as you're both alive, you can always blame the other guy.