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Bonding in the Rain
Damon and Elena continue to grow closer on the episode "Let the Right One In." Do you wanna see these two together?

Rating: 4.8 / 5.0 (146 Votes)

ii love damon...he's smexy as hell!!! urgh him nd elena should be together


i wannt something to happen between Elena and Damon, it would make it so more interesting espeacilly with whats happening with Stefan, might make Elena realize Damon isn't as bad as she thought. BEAUTIFUL PICTURE


Damon and Elena! I'd rather be with Damon than Stephan.


I'd rather her stay with Stephen. But Damon is by far my favorite character..he came off like a bad guy but really.. he just truly loved Katherine. I want him to find someone... I love this series (show & book). p.s. - screw Katherine.


Love the idea of damon and elena. And especially seeing as Stefan's not really... Himself, at the moment. This would be the perfect time for Damond and elena to get together, haha. Oh, the picture - Love it, it's really good, but you can tell it's not really raining because the sky is blue, hahaha.


I love how much Damon cares for Elena. It's precious ♥


NO! Elena and Stefan all the way. love the pic though.


yesssssssssssssss finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He is a murderer. He cares for nothing but his own happiness.


Huge Damon and Elena fan here!:)

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The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Dracula was a complete wuss. Never showered. Very smelly.


How long are you gonna blame me for turning your birth mother into a vampire?


The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 17 Music

  Song Artist
Let me take you out Let Me Take You Out Class Actress iTunes
I was wrong I Was Wrong The Morning Benders iTunes
Resignation studies Resignation Studies The Silent League iTunes