Blair Post-Wedding
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Chuck and Blair in a photo from "The Backup Dan." The episode airs February 6, 2012 on the CW.

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    Chuck and Blair

    We call them Chair. And we'll never forget the ups and downs that led to their love.

    Haven't you heard?

    Haven't you heard? I'm the crazy bitch around here.

    Leighton Meester, Adam Brody Photo

    A new report indicates that Leighton Meester and Adam Brody just got engaged. Here's hoping.

    Chuck My Bass

    Here's a funny piece of Chuck Bass paraphenalia. Gossip Girl fans everywhere, rejoice!

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    She has this very different kind of beauty about her in the big hoodie, looking tiny and delicate and beautiful. Damn, I love her so much...


    chuck and blair


    Now I understand everything! He talks to her to return... always the prince rescuing his princess


    Hm... Chuck's suit looks like the one he is wearing at the wedding... maby he runs away with blair and because otherwise she would still wear her wedding dress she changes into this gray hoodie...
    i know this is gossip girl and i shouldn't expect this much, at least not as a chair shipper, but i really really hope she runs away with him :)


    I think I know what she's going to say to chuck....she's going to say something like I need time, after leaving prince louie at alter i just need some time to be by myself to figure somethings out.i will always love you chuck,but right now its not our time, but i will let you know when im ready,(tear)and chuck says i will always love you and i'll wait for you because your my solemate blair waldorf. I don't know if there going say any of that by the picture, i'm just guessing.
    but i do want chuck and blair to be together. TEAM CHUCK AND BLAIR FOREVER!!!!!! BECAUSE ITS FATE


    because its probably dans hoodie. WOO


    Why is fashion obsessed Blair Waldorf in a heather gray baggy hoodie? She is NEVER one to give up style for comfort. First the too simple wedding dress with touseld hair and now this! Shes in a major fashion rut. But Chuck looks as dandy as ever.