Blair in The Grandfather
The lovely and stylish Blair Waldorf in a promotional photo from "The Grandfather," from the second season of Gossip Girl.

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i know what this is...its when blair goes to the other collage for admission but they dont accept her nd chuck and serena are there because they finally found her.if you read the grandfather episode recap it will all make sense.


That's not Dean Berube, but I'm pretty sure he is someone from Yale. I think he is in 218 pic for the play, and than here he is probably talking to Blair about the college or something.


could that be the dean from yale, cause it said blair was going to get bad news about her future or something like that, and she looks sad, so it could be the dean telling her that they aren't accepting her... n i am from india i want to be a girlfren yaar....but i dont hev mony so plz help me any out of conty cirl who want contect wid me yaar plz yaar this one of my 91+09319064366


kosi, i miss it!! :[
& Chuck's scarf!!


to 'ashley:'
no need for rudeness. everyone can share their opinion, and they don't need people like you spewing out asinine comments.


^^^^^ well they could've recast him, like they did Headmistress Queller & Blair's mom....


it doesn't LOOK like anyone. unless they recasted Dean Baraby, NO, idiots, it's NOT him.


you know suenue..i think your is like a sign of maturity...but i still kinda miss


Yesss i agree with imchuckbass92! Im almost sure its the dean from Yale delivering the bad news! Blair looks utterly deflated.
For once it seams Chuck it bearing her pain also...:|i feel sad. i dont like this.


if its the dean of yale telling her no sheel be really upset and walk off and then chuck willprob try 2 comfort her but shell reject it.

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