Blair and the Girls of the Steps
Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) followed by her posse in a photo from "You've Got Yale."

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    i miss the headbands! I loved them before, but gossip girl has made me braver. now i wear all kinds of headbands... they're effortless! BLAIR BRING BACK YOUR HEADBANDS!


    Wonder who makes B's black and white coat??-
    And I like the no headband... too busy = trying to hard and we know B doesn't need to try...


    I don't think the headband is so important, it makes her look a little girlish, but yeah, I really do love seeing her Queen B headbands. I guess she's too distraught about Chuck to care. Which may be a good thing...I mean, Chuck or headbands? Please, please tell me you didn't say headbands.


    I know! She's just not B without her headband... :(

    In Soviet Russia headbands wear YOU!


    "It's so hard finding obedient minions"

    Blair, where's your headband? You're Queen B again!

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