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Blair and Dan in the February 13, 2012 episode of Gossip Girl. Cute pic!

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I agree with what you said about Blair this season. She is just a shell of the person that she was in season 1. She is whiny, and can't make a decision. Then she is left feeling sorry for herself. I have absolutly no sympathy for her.


I'm getting sick of Blair and her annoying attitude. She is getting on my nerves now, why the heck can't she go with Chuck and be done with it for good? Stupid character! And yeah, I want the powerful Chuck back, where is he? His character is so timid and weak in this season. He's lost to his fans, it seems.


@monica yeah, their mouths are pale and cherry looking so they probably kissed.. Serena probably ruined the moment


Dair fans, I speak as a neutral. I couldn't care less who Blair ends up with at this point. But you guys are acting just as crazy as you accuse Chair fans of being. Everyone, Chair or Dair needs to chill out. Maybe after all this Prince crap Blair should stop being a wimp and deal with her problems on her own for once. Maybe that means she should be single for awhile to sort out all of the terrible choices that she's made recently. I would like to see the return of the powerful Blair we all love. But I'm wasting my time, this is GG after all.




UGH DISGUSTING DAIR SUCK especially dan.They are ridiculous


Their hands. THEIR HANDS!


their hands awwwww

Elise of the upper east side

@Tanner1511 FYI it's waste, not waist... and the only thing I said here that implies that I don't like dan/blair is 'ew.' Big deal, it's not like a wrote a whole paragraph about it. Chill out!


I think you all need to grow up the girl is allowed to have an opinion just like all of you stop putting people down because of the couple they like!!! i didnt hear her say anything bad about any of you. Geesh some peoples kids!!!

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