Bjorn Distracted - Vikings Season 3 Episode 2
Bjorn was distracted during the battle watching Porunn. Do you think there's anything he could have done to keep her from taking part? Why is she being reckless with her unborn baby?

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Vikings Season 3 Episode 2: "The Wanderer"
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Vikings Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Athelstan: He confesses he has had to remove several Saxon farmers from their lands.
Lagertha: Then ask him if they will not be hostile to us, and if so, will he guarantee the safety of our own farms and communities.
Athelstan: He will personally guarantee our safety and security.
Lagertha: I thank the king from the bottom of my heart. It was always Ragnar's dream to find a land to farm for our young folks, and to live peacefully with others. Now, it is my dream also.

Ragnar: Why do you hate your uncle so much?
Kwenthrith: Do you think that my older brother was the only member of my family who raped me when I was a child? It was my uncle who first brought him to me. Since I was six years old he abused me. He violated my body and my soul.