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Dan and Blair in the February 13, 2012 episode of Gossip Girl. "Crazy Cupid Love" promises some crazy developments!

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    Chuck and Blair

    We call them Chair. And we'll never forget the ups and downs that led to their love.

    Haven't you heard?

    Haven't you heard? I'm the crazy bitch around here.

    Leighton Meester, Adam Brody Photo

    A new report indicates that Leighton Meester and Adam Brody just got engaged. Here's hoping.

    Chuck My Bass

    Here's a funny piece of Chuck Bass paraphenalia. Gossip Girl fans everywhere, rejoice!

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    Dair is amazing. They are taking their time to really know each other to fall in love with each other. That's a good love story. Not getting drunk in the back of a limo and getting you're first time there.


    In the picture you can see that Blair is still wearing the ring that Louis give her


    i cannot decide, I love Blair with Chuck but I am so intrigued by Dan and Blair. But MY GOD he needs to just CUT HIS HAIR seriously it is beyond awful now, it would be so much easier to like them together so much more if he just got rid of that mop


    LelaRose: haha I agree, it's ridiculous. I realized how much this show has changed when I saw the preview for "Gossip Girl: Royal Wedding." Seriously?! Chiara: I hope so!! But that would be surprisingly something Blair would actually do, and since the writers have been making her so OOC this season, who knows. But I really hope so! Carla: Think what you want. I really hope it's not happening though.


    DAIR is happening, so live with it !!!


    For me in this picture Blair is refusing Dan.


    Even though Sophie, Louis, and Beatrice are all fake, the Grimaldis are real people.


    The Dan and run away princess storyline is crap. The entire royal part of this show is stupid. Im surprised the real Grimaldis haven't sued the producers for making their family look bad.