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How i met your mother
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Barney Helps Robin
Barney helps Robin when she struggles to break up with Nick on How I Met Your Mother. "Splitsville" is the sixth episode of the show's eighth season.

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Anyone knows what brand is Neil wearing? (jacket)
I really like that coat, but i dont know where i can buy that?
I assume it is one of the Burberries


These two will always be my favorite. Despite the fact that Neil Patrick Harris is gay, these two have amazing chemistry.

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How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Episode 6 Quotes

Talk about a double standard. Every time I go after a busty dullard that can't tell time or thinks I'm the ghost of Leonardo Dicaprio, I'm shallow. But somehow it's okay for Robin to date a guy who can't be trusted around outlets.


Okay that's ridiculous! Is Nick a genius? No. But does he have average intelligence? No! But he is a human being with a heart!