B Gets an A
We're loving Blair this season. We have every season, but particularly lately, she's been awesome.

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I am still very much in love with chair , but I really would hope blair could have a little fling first , not with dan , but with our blue-blooded Louis , that's what's worthy for our queen .


was blair wearing hair extensions in season 1? her hair now just seems much much thinner. she used to have thick luscious hair that i envied. what happened?

Oh lah

@butterflylovers You're right, it's not. Infact it's the body language of someone who is nervious and unsure of themseves, but that could also mean she likes him considering the situation they are in


i hated dan and blair as a couple but maybe just maybe this is gonna show chuck to FUCK OFF


dair haters get on somewhere nobody wants to hear it


If anyone out there has studied body language, this is definitely not the stance of someone sexually attracted to someone else. Quite contrary I would say!


YEYYYYY,,, we all GG fanatic LOVE BLAIR WALDORF!!!
now i love her attitude,,, she's become mature, sweet.. and funny.
she is the central of GG character now.. not serena ! too boring of serena!
blair is the best....
me and my friends and most asian love Blair!


Yes, her hair is just pure messedu up. And I would like a better make-up.


In this shot yes...What happened? They seriously need to fire some people over in the styling department.


her hair is awful!

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Rufus: We'll get through this.
Lily: You sound so sure I almost believe you.
Lawyer: They're ready for us.
Rufus: I'll be waiting.
Lawyer: Lily, this is Assistant District Attorney Vincent. He's going to be taking your statement.
ADA: Whenever you're ready, Mrs. Humphrey.

You didn't. (Pause) You did.