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Did you know that in the comic lore, Flash doesn't just have evil speedsters as the main baddies? Central City is also known as the home of the Rogues with Captain Cold, Heatwave, Trickster and many more. <P><P> After almost four seasons, we have pretty much seen all of the members. We are even getting another one in Katee Sackhoff's Blacksmith this year! <P><P> The Thinker will be the leading villain in The Flash Season 4 so the position of big bad is already filled. But it's time The Flash starts to assemble the Rogues that could be the main threat for Season 5 in some capacity. <P><P> Whatever new version of Captain Cold we are getting on Legends should just come over to The Flash once they are done with him. It wouldn't hurt to get a new version of Heatwave too. <P><P> We have waited long enough for The Flash to bring this delicious group together against our speedsters.

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