Are You Serious? - Riverdale Season 1 Episode 9
Veronica and Kevin gossiping is nothing new in Riverdale High. But Veronica can't believe what she's just heard. What could be the latest news?

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Camila Mendes, Casey Cott
Riverdale Season 1 Episode 9: "Chapter Nine: La Grande Illusion"
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Riverdale Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Archie: Val! were right about being bought and taking shortcuts. After last night, I'm done with the Blossoms.
Valerie: Archie, I'm done with you. Ever since we've started dating, you've ignored me. You've ditched me.
Archie: Val, please! Let me make it up to you.
Valerie: Sorry, Archie, but unlike you, I won't be bought.
[Puts in earbuds and runs off]

Betty: Mom...Archie, he talked to Polly. She's okay, Mom. She didn't choose the Blossoms over us, she's actually there to spy on them.
[Sniffles and drinks]
Alice: You know, when I went after this story, I thought in the back of my mind, "What if..what if this is finally the time she doesn't come back?"
Betty: She will, Mom! Right now, she's our woman on the inside. We're going to write this story.
Jughead: Come write with us at the Blue and Gold.
Alice: The school newspaper?!
Jughead: Yea, it's what we are, but I'm pretty sure our annual operating budget is bigger than the Register's.