Annie and Naomi Photo
Annie and Naomi are good friends again. But how long can this last for?

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People need to leave annie alone. she didnt even do anything and naiomi accused her of sleeping with liam when it was really her evil sister jen


^ Totally,
Like is there some rule, that Annie can only date guys that Naomi likes..?
and Liam is WAY to good for Annie. SRSLY plus, love Navid/Adrianna action going on in the background.


Who cares about Annie? Naomi is looking fab, as always. Annie better not get in between Naomi and Liam's budding romanace. Nobody likes her and we sure as hell don't want to see Annie trying for another one of Naomi's men. Annie is in serious need of redemtion, she's been a total bitch to Naomi. Liam and Annie, NO WAY! NAOMI/LIAM FTW! THEY ARE THE PERFECT 90210 COUPLE. They have lots of chemistry, and look stunning together.... Liam and Naomi 4 ever!

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