An Infamous Kiss
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People have been talking about this kiss for weeks. Now we will get to see it in "Remains of the J."

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Just for the information, in the last episode of the season, Chuck is going to tell Blair that he loves her, and it's going to be so perfect cause Blair doesn't loves Nate anymore... And he doesn't love her neither. The kiss is infamous because Blair and Nate aren't anymore the cute couple of GG book (in the book they are 4EVER!). So... it won't last.


this is the cutest thing ever!!!


deby =>chace dating taylor in really life =) That means never be with leighton xD krista => Not bye chuck!! X/ Because this photo just one episode!!But season finale with chair!! vuhuu =) Chair never together but Chair never deviation :) They're chuck and blair You're appropriate something chair always together!! Umarım düzgün cümle kurabilmişimdir xD


Adorable picture.. Nate is such a lovely character hes just nice & such a gentleman ..
But i am a CB fan! But i don't think they will ever be properly together otherwise it will kill the storyline and partly destroy the appeal of the characters.
Nate .. GORGEOUS.. they need to put him with someone other that Vannessa.. hmmmm .. Serena??:D


no! i want chair! C & B are the best couple in GG


THIS SITE IS SO BIASED. 'Infamous'?? Um, I don't think it's fair that you use a negative word to describe this kiss when many people think it is POSITIVE!!!!!!!


SO cute. SO nice. :)


This is super adorable.


I was all for Chair---until this episode. Nate and Blair are SO adorable together. He's the "nice guy" with "integrity", exactly right for the goody-goody yet manipulative girl. I love how they were "friends" first before anything happened. She brought him flipping BREAKFAST! (: Chuck and Vanessa sleeping together though...what--the--bloody--hell. I know Jessica and Ed are together but can they please keep their chemistry off-screen and away from Chuck and Vanessa's characters???


well ... as much as i LOVE blair and chuck as she said shes exhausted and you know if she needs Nate right now great becasue that scene was SO CUTE.
"give me my loaf" bless Blair

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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Dan: What does Chuck Bass do at 8 in the morning? It's not like you work out.
Chuck: I do my cardio in the evenings. The morning is for business, which I am late for.

Eric: Does this feel like a sitcom to anyone else?
Dan: More like a reality show.
Chuck: Then I can vote you off.

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