Alicia in Action
Work it, Alicia! The character auditions here for a tour with Usher on the first episode of The L.A. Complex.

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Another great review from you guys. I'm not sure if Shane would make for a bteter husband than Rick. I'm still of the camp that Shane had eyes on Lori before the gunfight. This episode really adds more weight to Rick's character in the Western "white hat" archetype. Yes, he's back with his family again, but his overriding duty to do the right thing does seem like he's a bad father. I think the comment made by Carl about why he's not scared about his father going back into the city highlights that particular side of Rick. He's a superhero in the eyes of Carl and the son understands more than the wife why Rick does what he does. It's both a boon for the group and, hopefully, later in the show will become a detriment at the worst of times. There's a change made by the writers for the series that I'm on the fence with. The addition of the abusive husband to one of the major characters in the show and the comics. Will have to see if that relationship between Ed and Carol will help explain why the Carol in the comics does what she does (dont want to spoint it since the writers may actually follow that path in the storyline).

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