Adam Has a Request - Girls
Adam has a request for Hannah but she turns him down on Girls. "Full Disclosure" is the sixth episode of the show's sixth season.

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Girls Season 6 Episode 6: "Full Disclosure"
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Girls Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Jessa: And, for the record, I am a sociopath. But you are a fucking psychopath. And it's so much worse. Everything that we did together happened, whether you want to believe it or not. Whether you want to remember it or not. And I am here and I know you. You can't just erase people. You can't just erase me. That's not how it works.
Hannah: I don't care anymore.
Jessa: Rest in peace.

Hannah: I'm pregnant!
Marnie: That's very funny.
Hannah: Not a joke, just what's going on in my uterus.