A Visit To A Fun Future - The Flash
Before I go on, let me be clear: I don't need a ton of time travel in The Flash Season 4. But something that wouldn't hurt the new season is a visit into the future. <P><P> Barry only seems to get hate from the Speed Force when he goes BACK in time. But we did see him visit 2024 which seemed perfectly fine with the force. <P><P> Even though 2024 was grim and depressing because Iris was dead and Team Flash was broken. This year I want to see our speedsters visit a future that looks optimistic. <P><P> This could be a way to utilize Bart's presence on The Flash by showing us where he comes from.

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The Flash Quotes

Captain Cold: Make the plan. Execute the plan.
[King Shark appears]
Barry: Expect the plan to go off the rails.

Barry: From Oliver and Felicity, we have an...expresso machine!
Iris: Okay, not on the registry, but I guess getting married during our wedding wasn’t on the registry either. So, yeah, sure.
Barry: Alright...
Iris: I'm not bitter.