A Tense Meeting - Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 9
April has a tense meeting with Marcel and Ethan -- is this the news that has her questioning her future on Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 9?

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Chicago Med
Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 9: "I Can't Imagine the Future"
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Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Charles: How'd you sleep?
CeCe: I slept great.
Charles: How's your pain, honey?
CeCe: You're not dressed.
Charles: I thought I'd stay home today. Don't try to talk me out of it.
CeCe: I won't. You're getting good at this marriage thing.
Charles: Maybe fourth time's the charm.
CeCe: Danny?
Charles: Hmm?
CeCe: I want you to remarry.
Charles: But I'm happily married to you.
CeCe: You know what I mean.
Charles: So what's for breakfast?
CeCe: I know you heard me.
Charles: Pancakes it is.

Ethan wants a baby. I can't give him one.