A Stylish Serena
Serena van der Woodsen always looks amazing, and the dress she is wearing in this scene from "There Might Be Blood," from Season 2 of Gossip Girl, is certainly no exception.

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Blair's double chin annoys me.


^ Yeah, they're both equally gorgeous in their own ways


Im nEuTrAl bLaKe aNd lEiGhToN R BoTh pReTtY gIrlS I tHiNk ThEy Is nO cOmPeTiTiOn.....Or iS ThErE?


You can't compare two different girls.
they are both pretty,young,healthy, both hot and beautiful.
one is blonde one is brunette. Its a matter of taste.
They r both gorgeous!


Wow Roe, guess you haven't seen many women in your day. Both Leighton and Blake are pretty girls but Blake has this aura about her. She exudes innocent attractiveness, while Leighton tries to lure people in.


ALEXOMFG GO DIE, BLAIR IS THE MOST STUNNING PERSON ALIVE. blake lively can't act her way out of a paper bag either.


are you serious shes absolutely gorgeous
blair is too but serena has a glow about her that blair definitely does not


She is another one of those average blondes. Blair will always be beautiful.

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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Why do you keep eating those pot brownies, Manny? You know sugar makes you spazz.


So I checked out Gossip Girl and I'm thinking we hit Socialista before we get to Beatrice.


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