A Mother Who Lost Her Son - Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 19
Frank is confronted by a mother who lost her son in an unsolved murder on Blue Bloods. "Love Lost" is the 19th episode of the show's seventh season.

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Blue Bloods
Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 19: "Love Lost"
Frank Reagan
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Blue Bloods Season 7 Episode 19 Quotes

Jamie: We're supposed to just call it in.
Officer Potemkin: If we find him then no harm, no foul.
Jamie: Oh, I get it. We don't have to go by the book when it's your skin on the line, huh?

Erin: Not the most professional move bringing your underage girlfriend to court.
Jack: She is a lawyer and, in fact, she graduated Fordham, just like you and I.
Erin: Good for her.
Jack: And she's not underage. She's 25.
Erin: Oh great, thank you for clarifying that. She's five years older than your daughter.