A Circus Act
This seems about right for Phil, doesn't it? We can totally picture him in the circus.

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What I have seen in the video just make me feel terrible. These rsacit people are actually terrible. I don t know how do they judge people on their religion and looks. It only makes up like 20 percent of who these people are. But it is also nice to see some people and stand up against such racism. There is a reason why I consider racism stupidity. The reason the minority people are being rsacit against did not choose them self, and they learn from life and be a human being just like people who are being rsacit. So it doesn t make any since to judge people on things that they didn t choose. Moreover I believe that Islam for us is not choice, it is set in our mind that it is the reality truth. Therefore judging us for being Muslim is unfair. I like to relate every comment I post in this blog with an Islamic prospective, because Muslims usually relate their opinion with religion. There is a verse in Quran where it generally means that people should not be looking down to other people, and these people whom people are looking down to could be better than people who are looking down. I can t really explain it as it means in Arabic. This makes since most to me, and this is one of the reasons I consider being rsacit is ridiculous and wrong.

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Modern Family Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Let's face it a well fed Cam is hardly a model of emotional stability; now deprive him of food and stage by stage it's a slow descent into madness.


You know I'm gonna check the lease, but I'm pretty sure we're not allowed to have a meth lab.

Mitchell [to Cam]