A Bone!
A-ha! A bone! This would be the specialty of Dr. Temperance Brennan.

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Bones Season 4 Episode 23: "The Beaver in the Otter"
Temperance Brennan
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Bones Season 4 Episode 23 Quotes

Arastoo: He mistrusts Muslims.
Cam: Go, grab a beer together, but I am saying no to this experiment.
Hodgins: Yeah, I got that during that part where you said "no" seven times in a row.
Cam: I find that you don't pay attention to the first six.

Cam: Professor Twardosh was not Beaver's sex partner.
Booth: Okay, did anyone think that? Honestly. Because, I did not.
Brennan: Booth believes that the cringe factor was too high, even though cringe factor is not a valid mathematical construct.
Booth: Believe me, it is.