Villanelle - Killing Eve
It's unclear how she identifies, but it seems that she sleeps with men for the pleasure and manipulation, but creates true and deep relationships and connections with women. The writers seamlessly added the gay plotline, which is the best part. Is it wrong to think that craziness of Villanelle is certainly hot?

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Killing Eve
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Killing Eve Quotes

Most of the time, most days, I feel nothing. I don't feel anything. It is so boring. I wake up and I think, again, really? I have to do this again? And what I really don't understand is how come everyone else isn't screaming with, with boredom, too, and I try to find ways to make myself feel something. More, and more, and more, but it doesn't make any difference. No matter what I do, I don't feel anything. I hurt myself; it doesn't hurt. I buy what I want; I don't want it. I do what I like; I don't like it. I'm just so bored.


Frank: You're fired.
Eve: You're a dick swab.
Bill: Oh hey!
Frank: Thank you, Bill.
Bill: No! I was gonna call you a dick swab!